Boy Scouts

Scouting builds leaders who are strong, courageous and capable in innumerable ways! Providing these experiences often requires a financial investment that can overburden or even exclude some scouts from participating.

A School Band Aid fundraiser can help fill the gap! With a fundraiser that provides "mutual benefit", scouts offer a product that adds value to individuals and families by providing tools for everyday living that help fill a genuine need.

As the scouts earn money to help them learn how to "Be Prepared", they are encouraging their community to do the same by investing in first aid supplies that will be of benefit for years to come.  

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Make a Difference!

Raise money for community service efforts, Eagle Scout Projects, troop or council activities!

Consider documenting your efforts along the way to share the positive impact scouting has on the community (and the scouts)! One person, one troop can make a difference. Join forces with another troop to expand your impact, work together toward a common goal and practice Communication (merit badge). 

Earn merit badges that build skills like Entrepreneurship, Citizenship in the Community, Moviemaking and more. Share your positive experience with School Band Aid and we will post it to our website or Facebook page! Text, pics and videos welcome!

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